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Curriculum – Sensory School

Key stage 3, 4 and 5
  • The Sensory School curriculum is for learners of any age (11 -19) who require a more sensory or interactive based curriculum. It is broad and balanced, but seeks to be appropriate to the needs of each individual.
  • It seeks to engage every learner. It gives a framework of ideas through schemes of work but aims to be flexible so that each student is placed at the centre of the educational process.
  • The curriculum has five core strands that incorporate areas of the national curriculum.



Personal, Social and Emotional Development


Sensory Integration and Physical development

    • These areas interrelate and are dependent upon each other. In addition to these strands there are three yearly topics which seek to give students a full and rich range of experiences and opportunities.
    • The schemes of work are intended as a starting point for targets, activities and learning. The school advocates latest research in this area indicating that learning for young people at this ability level is best done holistically rather than as a series of separate skills chained together.
    • Assessment is regular and rigorous in order to provide an individualised curriculum. This informs teaching, drives the recording of progress and is the key to successful education of our sensory school learners.
    • Underpinning the delivery of the curriculum is the extensive use of cues. These may include touch cues, sound cues, objects of reference, signing and use of symbols or photographs.
    • Also underpinning the delivery of the curriculum is the extensive use of routines. Staff provide the same routines with cues to help students to learn. Ensuring consistency in routines allows students to build upon previous learning experiences. Important routines that staff seek to make consistent are arriving and leaving school, lunch times, break times, the start and end of lessons, assemblies and personal care activities.
    • Understanding students’ learning styles are central to the teaching and learning process in middle school and students are grouped according to their learning style and ability. The teaching and learning environment offered to students aims to give high quality learning experiences that will enable all students to reach their potential. (See below for link to Learning and Teaching policy)
    • Our school values are at the heart of the curriculum and the teaching and learning in the department.