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The curriculum at Clifton Hill is broad and balanced giving rich experiences whilst developing knowledge, skills and understanding. It gives access to the National Curriculum programmes of study whilst taking into account the complex and severe learning and medical difficulties of the students, recognising their individual needs.

The school mission statement focusses on “putting each child at the centre of their learning” so that they may reach their potential and are prepared well for life beyond school. This is achieved through the school’s core offer which includes:

  • Learning journey plans that focus on improving qualities and overcoming barriers to learning which are a key to producing well rounded individuals who are able to develop strong relationships and live safely in appropriate communities by the time they leave school.
  • A set of key targets for different abilities of student that focus on skills that are important for developing good communication, social, mobility and safety awareness. These key targets are called the “Clifton Hill Values” and are embedded through all curriculum schemes of work and practises. Through these we aim to create confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • Implementation of the school curriculum integrated with the comprehensive teaching and learning policy which seeks to make successful learners of all our students creating an enjoyment for learning and culminating in students who make progress and achieve their potential.

Additional information on the curriculum can be obtained from the relevant head of department.

Details of the department specific Values schemes of work for each Key stage can be found below.