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British Values

The DFE have recently reinforced the need to ‘create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs’

At Clifton Hill School we address these values in the following ways;-


Clifton Hill values each member of the school community equally and have high expectations of all. All members of the community are expected to contribute and co-operate, taking into account the views of others.

Students are involved in Democratic processes e.g voting for school councillors and shared rewards.

The school sets out clear expectations for behaviour within the behaviour policy and statement promoting the values of the school at all times.

Rule of Law

The importance of Laws (rules) are reinforced through lessons, general consistent reminders about conduct and through visits from authorities such as the Police, fire and ambulance service. Students where they have an understanding are taught the value and reasons behind laws and rules that govern and protect us, and the consequence when laws or rules are broken. Where understanding is limited there are consistent behaviour management plans in place to support the young person to become self-managing and to support others in understanding their behaviour.

Individual Liberty

Within the school students are actively encouraged to make choices within a safe and nurturing environment. We strive to educate our students to know their rights and personal freedoms whilst ensuring they are respectful of the rights of their peers. Students are taught about the boundaries and perimeters for their choice making to enable them to make choices safely for themselves and others.

Mutual Respect

Our school ethos reflects our core values ensuring we respect all members of the school community, valuing and celebrating the diversity of ability, race, religion and need that each individual brings to the school. The respect we engender for each and every member of the community ensures that through every experience and event of life students and staff are treated with dignity. We ensure that through respectful communication all members of the community have a voice and are heard. We ensure all students have the opportunity to learn by being aware of their likes, dislikes, preferences and need and channel their learning styles in order to maximise achievement. All members of the school community have the opportunity to achieve and celebrate these achievements together developing a growing awareness of their own achievements and those of others.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

We aim to enhance opportunities provided for our students to gain an understanding of different faiths and beliefs. This is through participation in different celebrations and assemblies where music, images and events promote our values and through our Religious Education curriculum where key religions represented in the UK are reflected in order to promote an understanding of religious diversity.